This is the course website for Spring 2023, WRI3140: Writing for Civic Engagement at Centenary University with Dr. Erin Andersen. Rather than using Moodle, we will rely on this space for communication and information this semester. (Don’t worry: I’ll still post duplicate information on Moodle just to keep things organized and easy.) All materials – readings, exercise instructions, the syllabus, assignment descriptions – will be posted here.


Dr. Erin M. Andersen

Associate Professor, Department of Business, Media, & Writing

Director of The Writing Collaboratory

Office: The Writing Collaboratory

Centenary Email: erin.andersen@centenaryuniversity.edu

Gmail: profandersen.centenary@gmail.com

Office Phone: (908) 852-1400 x4998

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 12pm – 1pm via Microsoft Teams (and in my office in the Writing  Collab most of the time). Click here to join my virtual office hours.